William Burgess (1827-1881) and J. Cleveland Cady (1837-1919)

    William Burgess was a 19th century architect whose style became what is now known as "Collegiate Gothic Revival" when it appeared in the states. He was credited with the master design of Trinity College, Hartford, CT in the 1870's but the college did not have the funds to complete the full plan and local architects like Francis Kimball (1845-1919) and J. Cleveland Cady (1837-1919) were brought in to adapt the grandiose plans to a more do-able scale. While attributed to Cady, the St. Anthony Hall structure on Gallows Hill had been described by such eminent historians as long time Trinity College Professor George B. Cooper to be a building at least inspired by, if not outright designed, by Burges because of its' similarity to Burges' home Tower House. The St. Anthony Hall structure completed in 1878, is not a complete copy of Burges' home, Tower House, completed a year earlier in 1877, but the two buildings are obviously  close enough in style and detail that these photographs are worth examining in greater detail. Click here to see photos of Tower House in the late 19th century.

Tower House, Melbury Road, London, UK, completed 1877

Front door to the Tower House.

Map of where Tower House is located in London, UK

Epsilon Chapter, Saint Anthony Hall, Trinity College, Hartford, CT, USA, completed in 1878

Front door, note the greek letters along with the key, skull, and searching eye

Map of Hartford, CT and where to find St. A's

Stained glass window by unknown artisan, St. A's entrance hall

Stained glass window by unknown artisan, central window front hall, St. A's

Stained glass window by unknown artisan, right window, front hall, St. A's

Stained glass window by unknown artisan, Library window, St. A's

Tower House interior, note carved woodwork

Stained glass window by unknown artisan, St. Anthony detail in Library window

Tower House Library, note the stained glass windows

Tower House, exterior view of stained glass windows

Tower House from the North

Website written with photos by R. Alexander Boyle, of Hamilton Auction Galleries, Epsilon '83 and Trinity College '85. Tower House, UK photos by Christopher Burke, Capital-C Consulting, Trinity College '83.


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