What does almost 900 cubic feet per second (cfs) discharge look like where the Schoharie Tunnel outflow meets Esopus Creek? Think of a relatively clear trout stream (450 cfs)  being inundated by a reddish clay mud torrent. If the viewer wants to see high resolution examples of the photos seen below simply double click the small images to initiate download of the high resolution 1200x1600 pixel photos.


The Gilboa Dam on Schoharie Creek doesn't look great either, so the discharge of muddy water doesn't look like it will end soon. Nor will NYC get to start repairs as long as the water overflows the spillway. 1130 height of water is the top of the spillway.

Click here for Lester Hendrix's website on the declining state of the Gilboa Dam, Schoharie Reservoir


This is what the area looked like in the 19th century before New York City began the era of maintenance neglect: