This is the all new contemporary section of Hamilton Action Galleries, note, they are all one of a kind commissioned works by a very talented artist Damon Johnson who has graced the covers of major newspaper, magazines and television shows on the arts around the nation. Damon Johnson, artist of the streets goes main stream. Note all of the photos seen below are mere thumbnail miniature images, the higher definition images will appear when the thumbnails are double-clicked with the mouse

The following are direct hyperlinks to reviews of his work:

General links to Damon exhibitions in the press

Guest of a Guest, October 2008, Damon Johnson's Art gives his father something to write about

Forbes Magazine:    http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2005/1226/130.html

CBS Network, Damon creating his mural for the United States Tennis Open:


Baird Jones (1955-2008), "The Coagula Review of Damon Johnson's Work: The Hand of Genius"

MANHATTAN SOCIETY    THE CITY REVIEW    Black Book Magazine, Jan. '09

Damon Johnson at Mark Murray Fine Art, 39 East 72nd Street, New York, NY  10021


This is for Taranto:


NEW WORK, 2010:

Damon Johnson, Everyday the Re-Mix

Damon Johnson, Kids Loved Danger

Damon Johnson, Nothing,

Damon Johnson, Swok

Damon Johnson, Today,

Damon Johnson, Trial and Era

Damon Johnson, Hero,



Damon Johnson, Devil's Head

Damon Johnson, New York Head

Damon Johnson, Panic Head

Damon Johnson, Panic Head Two

Damon Johnson, Rock Bottom Head

Damon Johnson, Skull

Damon Johnson, Skull Two

Damon Johnson, Sloth



Damon Johnson, 151st and Broadway, 40 by 30 inches

Damon Johnson, Broadway and Flushing, or Stefon still looking for MSG, 30 by 40 inches

Damon Johnson, Blaze Dale, 30 by 40 inches,

Damon Johnson, Gimme the Loot, 48 by 48 inches,

Damon Johnson, Doug's Idea of a Monetary Monster, 18 by 24 inches

Damon Johnson, He Ran out of Ammo, 36 by 72 inches

Damon Johnson, He Drinks Draino, 72 by 36 inches

Damon Johnson, True Champions, 36 by 24 inches

Damon Johnson, Ride or Die, 48 by 48 inches

Damon Johnson, Tears that tasted, 48 by 48 inches




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